Service policy and procedures
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Introductory offers and promotions
Introductory offers and promotional offers are for demonstration purposes only and are limited to first time customers unless expressly written otherwise by authorized staff of evolve technology & service solutions, LLC .  Only one computer per household can participate in introductory offers and limited to a single use.  Single use is a single uninterrupted support session limited to fifteen minutes.  If additional time is required to complete service, the technician providing service will notify the customer of the expiration of free service and the price for continuation currently set at forty-five dollars per hour with a one hour minimum charge.  

Standard remote service fees
Standard remote service fees apply to non-introductory or promotional offers. Current fees are set at sixtydollars per hour with a one hour minimum charge. A prepayment or payment in full is required at the time of service via electronic payment method facilitated by our website. All payments rejected due to non-available funds, fraudulent use or misinformation provided by the customer are subject to the delinquency and NSF policy published at     

Delinquency and NSF
Payments are due on or before the time of service. A late payment penalty is assessed at a rate of 1.5% per month for amounts due beyond thirty days.  A thirty-five dollar fee ($35.00) is assessed for checks returned due to non-sufficient funds and or stop payment. 

Product returns and exchanges
Any computer or server returned for credit is assessed a twenty percent (20%) restocking fee.  Returns are reviewed on a case by case basis and are not applicable to used or opened equipment.  Only unused components, PCs, servers and or software can be returned for credit.  No returns are accepted after thirty days from the original purchase. Proof of purchase is required for all returns.

Product returns for credit
Customers returning Items to evolve technology & service solutions, LLC will receive a credit on their account to be applied towards further purchases or services provided. Refunds are available only upon request by the customer. Refunds are issued after adequate time is allowed for the processing of the customer's original payment. If the original payment provided by the customer was made by check, a refund will be available after fifteen (15) days from the original payment date. If the original payment provided by the customer was made by credit card, a refund will be available after seven (7) days from the original payment date.  There is a minimum five percent (5 %)processing fee for any and all returns.

Virus removal policy
Our policy is that your data is our first priority.  We understand that sometimes your data or documents are irreplaceable.  This being the case we take every precaution to insure data remains safe. All virus scans are set to first clean infected files of virus infection if possible. The unfortunate truth is that sometimes files can not be cleaned and must be deleted to remove infections from a system. Files that are unable to be cleaned of infection will be deleted. If infection is detected and files are required to be deleted to remove infection from a PC or server, it is sometimes required that applications or operating systems must be re-installed to function correctly after a virus removal process. Evolve technology & service solutions, LLC is not responsible to re-install applications or operating systems corrupted as a result of virus removal. At the customer request installation can be provided for additional fees as indicated under standard service pricing. Evolve technology & service solutions, LLC will be held harmless for any negative outcome, data loss or system instability resulting from the removal of virus infected files.
For further information on viruses and how they effect a computer, click here.

Timely retrieval of customer owned devices and abandonment
On occasion there are systems delivered by customers with hardware related problems in which the repair of the system is not cost effective. Technology advances rapidly, and when a system is outdated it can make more sense to replace the system rather than replace individual components. Often customers will abandon the systems at the evolve location.  It is the customer's responsibility to retrieve any and equipment or devices delivered to evolve technology & service solutions, LLC within a timely manner not exceeding two weeks from the original service date, regardless of the method of delivery. Any equipment provided to Evolve technology & service solutions, LLC that is not retrieved by the customer within a two week period is considered abandoned and becomes the property of Evolve technology & service solutions, LLC. It is at the discretion of Evolve technology & service solutions, LLC to destroy or recycle abandoned devices. 
The recycling may include destruction of hard drives and other data storage devices to ensure customer data cannot be retrieved by a third party. Evolve technology & service solutions, LLC is not held responsible for results of abandoned equipment. Equipment includes and is not limited to personal computers (PCs), laptops and notebook computers, tablets, internal and external hard drives, networking equipment, peripherals, other external data storage devices, power adaptors, or additional devices not listed here provided by the customer to Evolve technology & service solutions, LLC This policy includes devices picked up by evolve service technicians, delivered to evolve by any third party service, as well as delivered by a customer to Evolve technology & service solutions, LLC. 
Devices and equipment can be retrieved by customers at the Evolve technology & service solutions, LLC service location, or may be returned to a customer by an Evolve technology & service solutions, LLC service technician, or by a third party delivery method.  The cost of delivery by Evolve technology & service solutions, LLC  staff or third party delivery method is the responsibility of the customer and must be prepaid prior to the return of the devices or equipment. 


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